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Zero Motorcycles gives its bikes a makeover for 2024

The 2024 Zero S is the most affordable model of the new line-up. It features the new Z-Force 75-7 motor and a 14.4 kWh battery. It has a top speed of 86 mph and a range of “over 150 miles as standard, with a number of upgrades to the battery and the charging capacity available.”

The Zero S delivers 11 kW of continuous power, meaning people with an A1 licence can also ride it. The starting price is 15,300 pounds.

Next is the 2024 Zero DS, with a starting price of 16,200 pounds. The model is also fitted with Zero’s Z-Force 75-10 permanent magnet AC motor and a 14.4 kWh battery, delivering, in this case, 144 miles of range.

The 2024 Zero DSR now has a larger battery and added performance. The “Z-Force 75-10 motor, delivering 70bhp peak power and a massive 170Nm of torque,” combined with the 15.6 kWh battery, allows for a range of over 150 miles and a top speed of 93 mph. With the 6 kW “Rapid Charger” (optional), the battery can be charged from zero to 95 per cent in 85 minutes.

One unique feature: “Official Zero Motorcycles dealerships are able to retrospectively offer a power upgrade for full ‘A’ licence holders, matching the specifications of the DSR/X, while the battery capacity can also be increased to 17.3kWh.”

In terms of price, the 2024 Zero DSR starts at 17,000 pounds.

And last but not least, the new version of the SR is being launched as an A2 motorbike; its Z-Force 75-10 motor delivers 165 Nm of torque and 54 kW. Like the new DSR, it has a 15.6 kWh battery. It can also be upgraded to unlock more power.

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