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Uber to operate 100 Model Y’s in Tokyo

In Japan, Uber is putting 100 Tesla Model Ys on the roads of Tokyo. This is the ride-hailing company’s first deployment of electric vehicles in the cab and for-hire industry in Japan.

In collaboration with local cab and for-hire car operator Hinomaru Kotsu, the first 30 Model Ys will be deployed in the Setagaya, Edogawa and Adachi districts starting in November 2023, and the fleet will increase to the said 100 Tesla electric cars across Tokyo by the end of 2024.

Uber will create a category in its app for electric cars as part of its “Uber Premium” service so they can be specifically booked. Hinomaru Kotsu will build charging infrastructure for electric cars at its sites in Adachi and Setagaya districts later this year.

A press release translated from Japanese says Uber chose the Tesla Model Y because of its “range, driving performance, quietness and high-quality interior and exterior,” but does not say which drive version Uber ordered.

Commenting on the venture, Shiro Yamanaka, General Manager Mobility Business, said, “I am very pleased to be able to work with Hinomaru Kotsu and Tesla Japan to promote zero-emission vehicles. […] We expect demand for Uber Premium to continue to grow with the introduction of the Tesla Model Y, popular as a luxury vehicle, as a dedicated vehicle.”

“We are also focusing on taxi and hire businesses, mainly in North America, and we are very pleased to be able to realize an initiative of 100 cars in Japan.” Ryokusai Inoue, country manager of Tesla Motors Japan, is quoted as saying in the Uber announcement. “We believe that Tesla’s vehicles have great benefits not only for customers’ safe movement but also for drivers and business owners. We will continue to experience the charm of Tesla, and we will expand it widely throughout Japan, regardless of corporations or individuals.” (in Japanese),

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