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Simple Energy Asking Customers to Cancel Pre-bookings!

Simple Energy, the Bangalore-based electric two-wheeler startup, has allegedly urged customers to cancel their pre-bookings for the Simple One electric scooter. According to a fresh report, a customer received a phone call advising him to cancel his booking. To verify the legitimacy of this communication, the customer reached out to the company’s customer care helpline via email and received a response stating, “Our team is attempting to reach all our customers via telephone. Meanwhile, our intention is to create awareness among our customers about the recent fraudulent happenings involving Simpleenergy Private Limited.”

In an effort to address concerns and uphold transparency, Simple Energy, in response to media inquiries, sent an email assuring customers of their commitment to transparency and satisfaction. The email outlined that a refund process would be initiated for all individuals who had pre-booked the e-scooter. Despite this setback, Simple Energy promises a silver lining for its loyal customers by granting priority delivery to those who opted for pre-booking once an experience center is established in their respective cities.

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The official statement from Simple Energy clarified the situation, stating that certain customers received emails urging them to cancel their pre-bookings, particularly in cities where fraudulent activities were detected. This proactive measure was taken to safeguard customers and provide them with the option of a refund, should they reconsider their pre-bookings.

However, the company’s request for refunds against potential fraudulent activities raises questions about whether the motive is to alleviate back orders and stabilize production capabilities. Notably, Simple Energy did not deliver a single unit of its electric scooter in September 2023, creating confusion and concern among pre-booking customers and the general public.

In response to the lack of deliveries, Simple Energy explained that it was part of a comprehensive pilot program aimed at evaluating real-world scenarios and user-related challenges. The company assured customers that, following the successful conclusion of the assessment phase, it is positioned favorably and plans to scale up operations, anticipating a significant surge in scooter deliveries by the end of November or early December.


Simple Energy Asking Customers to Cancel Pre-bookings!

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