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New Toyota Land Cruiser Se, EPU Pick-up EVs Revealed

We have recently revealed that Suzuki will showcase multiple new vehicles including the new-gen Swift and new electric vehicle concepts at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. Not just Suzuki, several OEMs will showcase several new cars, electric vehicles and several technologies at the event. Toyota will also showcase multiple cool concepts including the new Land Cruiser Se electric and the EPU electric pick-up at the event.

New Toyota Land Cruiser Se electric

Toyota Land Cruiser Electric

Toyota has revealed the all-new Land Cruiser Se electric vehicle, which is set to make a public debut at the Japan Mobility Show. Toyota said that the new Land Cruiser 3-row electric SUV caters to the world’s diverse needs.

This is for the first time that the new Toyota Land Cruiser nameplate is based on a monocoque platform. Toyota claims that a “monocoque body also offers highly responsive handling and confidence in tackling rough terrain.”

Toyota Land Cruiser EV

BEV quietness helps create a comfortable cabin space when driving in urban areas and other on-road situations. In terms of proportions, the new Land Cruiser Se EV is 5150mm in length, 1990mm in width and 1705mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 3050mm.

New Toyota EPU Pick-Up Truck

Toyota EPU electric pick-up

Not just electric Land Cruiser, Toyota will showcase the next-generation mid-size pickup truck concept at the event. It is also based on a monocoque body, which is claimed to deliver high durability to create a practical yet stylish BEV.

Measuring over 5 meters in length with a double cab design, the EPU pick-up’s monocoque structure allows for a versatile deck space that caters to a broader range of user applications. The rear of the cabin links boldly with the deck to accommodate diverse user preferences, which supports a wide a range of mobility lifestyles including outdoor activities.

Toyota EPU Pick-Up EV

The electric vehicle has a low center of gravity for superior handling stability and ride comfort. Dimensionally, the new pick-up is 5070mm long, 1910mm wide and 1710mm tall, and has a wheelbase of 3,350mm.

New Toyota Land Cruiser Se, EPU Pick-up EVs Revealed

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