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GreenPower Motor unveils the Mega Beast

This newest version of GreenPower’s electric Type D school bus is said to cover twice the range with the same functionality as GreenPower’s ‘Beast’ which is already deployed in school bus fleets across the country. The ‘Mega Beast’ delivers a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge via a 387 kWh battery pack

“The all-electric, purpose-built Beast has established the new standard of performance, safety and sustainability in the school bus market. Today with the introduction of the Mega Beast, GreenPower also sets a new industry standard in range and battery size,” said Michael Perez, GreenPower’s Vice President of School Bus, Contracts and Grants.”

GreenPower President Brendan Riley further elaborates on the vehicle-to-grid capabilities of the ‘Mega Beast’: “V2G is becoming a common-sense tool that helps to create a more reliable grid, promote clean energy and reduce costs. The larger battery of the Mega BEAST has the ability to provide for a more healthy and stable electric grid and community stability in areas where it is deployed and V2G is used.”

This is the third model in the ‘Beast’ series, preceded by the Nano Beast, presented in early 2022 and the larger Type D Beast, which will both begin construction in both California and South Charleston, West Virginia in 2024.

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