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Greenflux adopts Plug&Charge –

Dutch charging infrastructure software specialist Greenflux has successfully embedded Hubject’s Plug&Charge technology into its platform. After the successful implementation and tests with hardware and car manufacturers, Greenflux is now ready to provide Plug&Charge to its CPO platform customers.

Greenflux provides solutions for charging station operators and mobility services. These include centralised, hardware-independent EV smart charging functions such as charging station and charging card management, roaming, payments and charging processing. The company has been part of DKV Mobility since summer 2021.

Back to the Plug&Charge implementation: operators of charging stations that use the Greenflux software platform can offer the function to their customers as soon as the charging stations are updated with the latest firmware and the required list of certificates is available. The basic prerequisite, however, is that the charging station hardware also supports Plug&Charge, for example with a memory for the certificates. After the update, drivers of electric vehicles using the charging stations of these CPOs can pay directly for their charging processes without using app-based payment methods, RFID charging cards or credit cards. With Plug&Charge, authentication begins as soon as drivers plug their vehicle into a charging station.

Greenflux expects to certify more hardware manufacturers and OEMs to apply Plug&Charge on a large scale as soon as possible. Currently, carmakers are bringing Plug&Charge to more and more models – just this week, Mercedes-Benz announced that its EQA and EQB facelifted EV models will also support Plug&Charge. As in the charging station, there must also be a corresponding memory for the certificate in the cars – if this memory already exists, it is purely a software implementation. If not, the memory hardware must first be installed.

“With the addition of Hubject’s Plug&Charge technology, GreenFlux takes another step towards promoting renewable transportation at scale,” said Suthalan Gnanes, Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer of the Dutch company. “This integration demonstrates our commitment to providing the best EV charging experience for our customers and our commitment towards sustainable mobility.”

Christian Hahn, Managing Director of Hubject GmbH, added: “We are very proud to work with such a committed partner asGreenFlux. This gives the industry another push in the right direction, relying on more secure and customer-friendly solutions than before.”

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